Public viewing of the World Cup granted

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Thu 27th May, 2010

Munich. The district council of Au-Haiddhausen agreed for a public viewing of the World Cup 2010 at Bordeauplatz - but only with restrictions.

The elderly members of the town committee of Haidhausen showed a lack of understanding: the impact of the event would be too great, in addition to possible massive noise generation. "And really, the domestic TV should be enough", says an older member.

The younger generation argued for the sport event of the year and the added fun of a big community coming together outside. In the end they came to an agreement. Instead of 80 beer bench and table sets, provided by innkeepers, only 40 will be allowed. Furthermore only 3 matches: the semi-final, final and the third place playoff will be broadcasted. Other restrictions include: the refrigerator has to be turned of from 11 PM till 6 AM and the speakers have to be directed to the centre of the viewing area. And most importantly: this agreement is not to be taken as standard for future approval of this kind.

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