Pharmacist Assaulted at Gunpoint

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Thu 26th Aug, 2010

Munich. An armed robbery at a Chemists in Obersending resulted in a shop assistant being injured. The offender escaped without managing to steal anything.

The unmasked assailant entered the chemists on Tuesday at 5 o'clock in Toelzer Straße in Obersending and approached the till. He then threatened the only shop assistant, a 41 year old woman, with a gun and demanded her to open the till.  Due to her nervousness the woman failed to open the cash box and pushed the man away from her. After a struggle, the criminal scratched the shop assistant on her right arm and tried himself to open the cash box.

Since he failed to open the cash box and the resistance of the 41 year old woman grew stronger, he fled the shop without taking anything. The shop assistant was treated by a rescue team. Attempts from the police for a search for the offender have so far not brought any results.

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