Nursing home at center of vaccination fraud

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Thu 18th Feb, 2021

In the Upper Palatinate (region of Bavaria), at least 20 unauthorized persons have received a Corona vaccination in a nursing home, according to the Schwandorf district authority. As the spokesman for the district authority, Hans Prechtl, reported that the home had passed off the vaccination candidates as employees, so that those affected would receive a dose. In fact, he said, they were only relatives of employees of the home. Earlier, several media outlets had reported on the vaccination hoax.

Recently there have been reports from across Germany over Vaccinations fraud. In particular local politicians had already been vaccinated, although it was not yet their turn. In two Augsburg nursing homes, the home managers had their partners vaccinated. There, too, they are said to have been falsely identified as employees. Augsburg's Bishop Bertram Meier had publicly apologized only on Wednesday for the fact that he too had secured an early vaccination.

The Schwandorf vaccination team had noticed the fraud because of name duplicates when those vaccinated were subsequently entered into the computer system. "In an astonishing number of cases, family names came up more than once in the process," Prechtl said. Through research, the hoax then came to light. The district office reported the incident to the supervisory authorities and the public prosecutor's office. These bodies would now have to decide whether there would be consequences, the authority spokesman explained.

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