Munich university might reduce tuition fees

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Wed 28th Apr, 2010

Munich. A university commission shall examine whether the Ludwig Maximilian University should possibly reduce tuition fees.

The theme of tuition fees has been always an issue for Bavarian students: three years ago they had to pay for the first time and since that time student protests occur often in Munich and other student cities. For this summer semester, that began last week, further protest demonstrations have been announced.

A special commission was set up by LMU to evaluate the use of revenue from tuition fees. By the end of the semester, it will submit a recommendation report. At the end of the evaluation, the commission will make a vote on whether the LMU will continue to levy 500 euros per semester or possibly lower the fees to 300 euros.

The LMU takes approximately 20 million euros per year in tuition fees, which accounts for nearly five percent of the budget of the universities, not counting clinics. The funds are intended to improve the teaching and study conditions overall. For example, the extra money flows into additional teaching posts, tutorials, exam courses, better technical equipment for teaching and additional training in the libraries.

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