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Munich has long been an attractive destination for major companies to open a German or European branch. Many large and SME-sized companies are headquatered in Munich and the surrounding region. Part of the reason for this is that Germany has a highly-skilled workforce, a strong infrastructure, is the geographical and political centre of the EU and impressively multicultural. Munich, being the capital of the second wealthiest German state (second only to North Rhine-Westphalia), is a natural destination for many of these companies, including those in the start-up phase. The high quality of life, multiple universities and other factors all combine to make Bavaria's capital an incredibly attractive destination for companies from around the globe.

However, there is one factor which is dragging down the economic growth and potential of relocating your business here and that is the availability of engineering graduates. Germany has a large surplus of professional positions available, with not enough home-grown qualified engineers to fill those roles, especially in Munich. Visa restrictions have been relaxed, salaries increased, relocation services offered as par for the course with an atractive benefits package, but still, there is a shortage of engineers - and this is now a potentially existential threat for certain businesses here.  It is an especially serious problem in Germany, as most engineers worldwide speak English rather than German, so recruitment for German companies is not that easy, even if the company's working language is English - most recruitment firms are advertising their jobs in German.

The Munich Eye recives engineers' CV's from all over the world and recently has decided to invest in a new recruitment strategy to help both local and global businesses based in Munich to reach out to the engineering community across the globe. As an English-language newspaper based in the city, TME is in a unique position to connect the English-speaking engineering world with Munich's best and brightest start-ups, SME's and large corporations.  Who Needs Engineers (WNE) will go live in the coming week, and its launch will be announced on TME.  It is an engineering recruitment agency, run by engineers, for engineers.  By utilising the large number of English-speaking foreign engineers seeking employment and relocation to Munich, WNE hopes to help fill the huge gap between engineering demand and supply.

If you are an engineer seeking employment in Munich or Bavaria, then please send us your CV at, or contact us via the Contact Page.

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