Loneliness Prevalence in Germany in 2023

Mon 13th Nov, 2023

Image by StockSnap from PixabayA recently conducted comprehensive survey in Germany, titled the "Germany Barometer Depression 2023," has revealed that a significant 25% of adults in the country report experiencing profound feelings of loneliness. Notably, this statistic more than doubles to a staggering 53% among individuals currently undergoing a depressive phase. The survey's findings have been released ahead of a formal presentation scheduled for Tuesday at 11 a.m., and have been made available in advance to the German Press Agency.

To gauge the perceived loneliness, the study employed several criteria. Respondents were questioned about whether they consistently had someone to confide in regarding everyday concerns, or whether they felt the absence of a close and supportive friend or partner.

Depression support experts view loneliness as a symptomatic manifestation of depression rather than its root cause. This is because individuals grappling with depression often tend to withdraw from their social surroundings. Consequently, the support and companionship of family and friends play an essential role in dealing with this treatable mental health condition.

The research was commissioned by the German Depression Aid and Suicide Prevention Foundation and involved online surveys of nearly 5,200 adults under the age of 70, including both those with and without depression. This marks the seventh iteration of the study, which annually investigates the attitudes and experiences related to depression within the German population. Notably, the "Germany Barometer Depression" project is made possible through funding from the Deutsche Bahn Foundation.

The foundation underscores that if specific symptoms persist for more than two weeks, it could be indicative of depression. These symptoms encompass a persistently low mood, lack of interest or joy, sleep disturbances, feelings of guilt, and thoughts of self-harm."

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay


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