Lauterbach advocates compulsory vaccination

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Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) has strongly advocated in the Bundestag for the introduction of a general Corona vaccination obligation. "We can end the pandemic for the first time for Germany with compulsory vaccination," the SPD politician said in the Bundestag on Thursday. "Let's seize this opportunity."

If we succeed in achieving a vaccination rate of more than 90 percent among people 60 and older, "we don't have to be afraid of restrictions in the fall," the health minister stressed.

The goal is to prevent serious illness and death, Lauterbach continued. "That's what we have the vaccines for." He added, referring to the still-high infection rates, "The unvaccinated are currently responsible for the fact that we're not getting anywhere." The minister also pointed out that new virus variants could emerge in the fall. Omicron, for example, could change in such a way that it penetrates deeper into the lungs.

The Bundestag debated the bills and motions on a general vaccination obligation for the first time on Thursday. The total of five bills range from mandatory vaccination from 18 to no to any requirement. Parliament plans to make a decision in early April, by which time a compromise will be sought. Lauterbach is among the more than 200 supporters of the bill for a general vaccination requirement from 18.

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