Kraillingers Murder Case Set for 2012

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The double murder of the Kraillinger sisters Clare and Sharon took place three months ago. The uncle is currently in custody and remains silent. His wife thinks he is guilty and states this publicly.

Krailling/Munich. The plants on the balcony are dried up, on a window hangs a colourful face, perhaps a Santa Claus: Three months after the double murder of sisters Sharon (11) and Chiara (8) from Krailling the family's apartment in the Munich suburb is still sealed, the mother is with her ??partner at an unknown location. The uncle of the girl, himself a father of four children is sitting on remand. The postman killed the children on the 24th March as the mother was working in the Schabernack pub with her partner, a hundred meters away from the house.

In early August the police will hand in the final report with the evaluation of the forensic evidence. The psychiatric report on the defendant and interrogations of some of the witnesses are still pending. His client will initially remain silent, said Karl Peter Lachniet the lawyer of the 50-year-old . "I wouldn’t advise for him any alternative course of action than this. If there will be an indictment, of course, the defence strategy will need to be checked. Thus begins a new game."

The senior public prosecutor Titz expects to start the process at the beginning of next year. The jury of Appeal did not leave any more dates for this year. The wife now firmly believes in the guilt of her husband. "For me there is no doubt that it was him," said the 44-year-old to the magazine "Stern". "There are too many coincidences." Her husband was at first arrested in April in the family home in Peißenberg, while their four children were playing in the neighbourhood.

The woman at first attested that her husband was with her during that night - information that she revised during the second interrogation. She said to the "Stern" that her husband called early in the morning saying that he couldn't sleep because of a toothache and had already driven to his job because he had so much to do. "I should have suspected that he was laying." On the news he responded emotionless to questions about the incident. She could not imagine that while he was bleeding from the nose, he went alone to visit her sister in Krailling. We weren't very much in contact with my sister, what was he looking for there?"

The man initially indicated that DNA evidence found in the apartment of the sister in law came from a nosebleed. His DNA was found on the corpses of the children and on the alleged murder weapon, a barbell and a knife. According to the investigators, a rope that had been used in the murder belongs also to the uncle.

A bit of normality has returned in the Schabernack pub. However, the mother and her partner are not back behind the counter. Friends and regulars are looking after the pub. Recently, Joachim Karg from Bebenburg, a long-time friend and regular guest, has taken over the reins for three months. He then decided to continue managing the pub. After the summer break, the Schabernack pub will hold concerts again. "We all stick together," said one employee. The pub will continue serving its guests while waiting for the landlord and his partner to return to work.

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