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Fri 14th Apr, 2023

A few years ago I had some health challenges.My energy level was down and I was suffering from migraines. It was hard to me to get out of bed and perform normal tasks. At this time I was 42 years old and I thought, ok it's the way it is now and that comes with age.That is, until I was taught better

I met somebody by accident who asked me the following questions:How do you deal with your health? What are you doing particularly? What do you eat?

I shrugged my shoulders and didn't know exactly what she meant. I knew I ate balanced meals with vegatables but sometimes also fastfood.

She said please tell mem how are you fueling your car? Do you bring it to be inspected. Do you wash your car in the car wash? Do you clean the inner space?

I answered quickly and it was easy: I fuel the car with petrol as it is needed and I also take if for regular inspections where they make an oil change and check the car. Sure I wash my car, being especially careful to do so after winter to remove grit salt so that no long-term damage occurs to the paint.

But then she said something, I had not expected: now transfer that to your body. I wondered what she could mean.

She asked further, what are you eating, do you do an 'oil change' for your body, do you detox your body? Do you do what is necessary so that your body will be healthy and work safely for a long time and every day you are in top shape and full of energy.

I looked at a little confused and asked is this possible?

YES - IT IS!!!

Then I realized that I could probably change my focus. I take care of the car, but not of my body, of the vehicle that carries me through my life. I refocused my priorities and began to care for my body as seriously as that of my car.

It's also said the body is the temple of our soul. We all want health. However, many people find it difficult to be motivated or to take the time to dedicate to a healthier lifestyle. Yet. it is essential for humans that we provide ourselves with the right treatment daily and the body also deserves this necessary care - it depends on us to take good care of it.

Important for the body is sufficient sleep and exercise. In addition, the body needs good water and a sensible, varied and balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients.

We have so many challenges to overcome every day, so it is important that we also take care of our well-being and put it first. This also makes us an inspiration to other people.

We are responsible for ourselves - every day!

Then I read some books and took to heart what she said.

She recommended that I supplement my diet with vital nutrients. I now realized that an optimal supply of vitamins and such through a normal diet is difficult and began to provide myself with all necessary and essential nutrients, which also led relatively quickly to increased well-being and included this in my daily routine.

To take nutritional supplements is also preventation. A gift today for your older self.

You will find so much information (literature and studies) that shows us that food will not support our body sufficiently. Even the AMA (american medical association) recommends taking supplements daily.

You should eat 7 to 9 portions fruits or vegetables a day, say the nutritionists. Can you do this?

My research showed that there were some important points to consider when choosing a supplement supplier and product. The following are key considerations for both:

  • From natural sources

  • Bioavailable - the cell can absorb it optimally.

  • Produced in cold manufacturing

  • without synthetic, sweeteners and conservatives

  • longtime product experience

  • high quality control

  • the company operates ethically

  • (optional) you have at least 30 days money back guarantee


This is exactly what i found, where I order my nutritional supplements, from the company Lifeplus. Here is a bt more information on the products.

It is always useful to choose a basic supply (according to the principle: clean, nourish, protect), which complements a balanced diet. There are 3 different packages


  1. Starter Package: Everyday Wellbeing Gold DE

  2. Starter package with a small colon-cleaning: Maintanance & Protect 100 Gold DE

  3. Optimal supply with protein: Program C - Gold - Vanille


The following products are also an important part of the product range:

The health products market is booming. I have found an absolutely great company Lifeplus for me and I just feel good about my body now.

I am also happy to advise you if you want to detoxify your body, for example with a colon cleanse or a bodytuning where you can successfully lose weight at the same time.


For further information don't hesitate to contact me:

And also if you want to try the products for free, ask me how to recommend this.

Kind regards, Susan


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