Green gifts for Black Friday

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Nordgreen's rise in the field of sophisticated and stylish consumer watches has been breathtakingly meteoric, which is fit for a brand which aims to leave its customer's breathless with anticipation.  Founded  as recently as 2017, the company's simplistic design and flair for understated elegance has quickly won it admirers from across the globe.  With a range of women's and men's watches and gift packages, there is sure to be a timeless piece in their range for even the most discerning customer.

For Black Friday, Nordgreen are offering a huge reduction to readers of The Eye Newspapers. As Christmas approaches and expatriates are looking to send a quality gift to those back home, what could be more special than an exquisitely created wristwatch from a home-grown European success story.. 

The Danish-based company also offers a green and social element to your purchase - or more aptly your investment, as each timepiece will not only be enjoyed for decades to come, but will have some of its profits diverted to supporting NGO's in the field of education, environment and health.  You choose the perfect watch and you also get to choose which cause to support.  With Nordgreen, when you buy time for your loved one, you invest in the future for all.


Three causes are supported by Nordgreen:

Provide clean water
nordgreen partnered with Water for Good, so that when you purchase a watch, you will give two months of clean water to one person in the The Central African Republic.

Educate the future
The company partnered with Pratham UK, so that when you buy a watch, you will give one month of education to a child in India.

Protect the rain forest
Partnered with Cool Earth, so that when you purchase a watch, you will preserve 50 sqm of rain forest in Latin America.


For more information, visit the Nordgreen website and see how this company is helping to transform lives and communities. while delivering timeless beauty to its customers.

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