Flirting with Deutsch

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A company promoting a novel approach to learning the German language, have just launched their new business in Munich.  "Flirting with Deutsch" is the brainchild of Susanne Plassmann, an experienced actress and language teacher who was born and raised in Bavaria.  Ms. Plassmann moved to New York to study acting in English, and has since made numerous stage and TV appearances during the course of her career.  After returning to Munich, she created and ran a successful (classroom-based) German-language school but then decided to merge her love of acting with teaching.

"Flirting with Deutsch" is her new concept and aims to utilise the power of acting and role-playing to help students quickly become proficient in the day-to-day usage of the notoriously difficult German language.  Classes focus on the various techniques professional actors use to remember their lines and allows particpants a chance to not only learn these techniques, but to practice them with other like-minded individuals.  Due to the immersive nature of this style of learning, German-learners of all proficency levels can partake and actively communicate with each other.  Additionally, it offers a chance to meet fellow expatriates in a fun environment and to have a go at 'treading the boards'.  As an aid to learning the language and increasing confidence in one's ability in this area, acting is proving to be a very powerful and effective way to mastering this essential skill.

From beginners to fluent German language speakers, from acting novices to experienced thespians, all are welcome at "Flirting with Deutsch".

Classes are scheduled for Mondays at 6:30pm (location varies).  Please contact Ms. Plassman on to enquire about availability and to find out more information.



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