First Covid-19 vaccinations begin on Dec 27th

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Fri 18th Dec, 2020

Christian Bernreiter (CSU), district administrator of the Lower Bavarian district of Deggendorf, has stated, "We start on December 27th, Sunday morning" (regarding implementing the first round of vaccinations). The institutions in question were asked only a matter of days ago to inform the district office by Christmas Eve at the latest"who is actually willing to vaccinate in the homes". They should also prepare the relevant documentation - such as the care notes.

"On December 27th, we will have four mobile vaccination teams at our disposal at the same time. They will start immediately as soon as the already defrosted vaccine is ready in cool boxes," says Thomas Kindel, who is responsible for security and order in the Deggendorf district office and is also responsible for the upcoming vaccination campaign. Kindel, who has already had to prove himself in recent flood disasters like the one in 2013 and the heavy snowfallin 2006, is a man who is prepared for all eventualities. What happened on Friday morning after the announcement astonished him: "After the Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn announced his vaccination strategy, the lines in our office collapsed within seconds," he says. Everyone wants to be vaccinated now. "And everyone is afraid of missing out," said Kindel.

Not everyone who belongs to the risk group due to their age wants to be vaccinated. Kindel's boss, District Administrator Bernreiter, has already roughly calculated in his head how much vaccine Bavaria and especially his district can expect. "It is positive that the vaccination is now starting," he says in advance. But according to his calculation example: "If Germany gets 400,000 vaccine doses at the beginning, Bavaria will receive 15.7 percent of them according to the Königstein key - that's around 60,000 vaccine doses." Calculated further down to the population of Lower Bavaria, that would mean: "Lower Bavaria will initially receive 6,000 doses, and the Deggendorf district will receive 600 doses that will have to be vaccinated in four days."

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