Festivals to attend in 2017

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Festivals are awesome as you get to meet a lot of people and learn different things. Some festivals are held at the greatest travel destinations. These events are filled with fun activities to create the ultimate travel experience. There are many festivals to choose from just like there are many games to choose from casinos online. Here are some great festivals from around the world to attend starting at the end of August.

La Tomatina
La Tomatina is a food fight festival held on the last Wednesday of August each and every year in the town of Bunol near Valencia in Spain. This year's event is on the 30th of August. People from all over the world visit the resort town to participate in this festival. It is regarded as world's biggest food fight where more than one hundred tons of over-ripe tomatoes are thrown in the streets. The participants engage in a war throwing tomatoes at each other. La Tomatina is very exciting and it receives between 40 000 to 50 000 participants each year. There is limited accommodation and some visitors opt to stay in Valencia only 38km away from Bunol, trains and buses are available.

Epcot Food & Wine Festival
It is one of the most popular events held every year in Orlando, Florida-USA. This year's event is to be held for 75 days. It is running from 31 August - 13 November, this is a new record for the festival. The festival attracts many food and wine lovers from around the world. 11 countries are represented in this event each year. There are different chefs from different nations. It's a food and wine extravagance where you get to eat different types of food and taste lots of wine. Different global food marketplaces are set up and focus on different cuisines from around the world. Expect food marketplaces from countries such as Australia, Mexico, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, and much more. In addition, participants can attend cooking seminars and learn from the best chefs in the world.

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