Berlin's clubs want indoor parties without masks and measures

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Representatives of the Berlin club scene have demanded an abolition of the distance and mask obligation with parties in indoor areas. "In the opinion of the Club Commission, indoor dance events in Berlin are only possible without distance and mask requirements," the committee said. Parties indoors in clubs are allowed again after a decision by the Administrative Court last Friday. Other states are already testing parties without masks.

To exclude unvaccinated people from these celebrations, the club commission rejects. The ruling of the administrative court excludes "people who are not vaccinated or cannot be vaccinated." With it the committee turned against the suggestion of the governing mayor, Michael Mueller (SPD). He had suggested that only vaccinated and recovered people should be allowed to attend indoor events - the so-called 2G rule.

From the Commission's point of view, safe indoor events are possible even with high incidence rates. This was shown in a study conducted in cooperation with the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and accompanied by the Charité at the beginning of August.

In this study, 2100 participants were PCR-tested before an indoor party. Seven corona infections were identified before the start of the event, the Clubcommission reported. After the dance event, the participants were tested again. All retests were negative, and 82 percent of guests were reportedly already fully vaccinated.

For the Berlin clubs, the Clubcommission therefore suggested that PCR tests be made mandatory for all guests when the incidence of infection is high. For this purpose, a "Clubcommission PCR test" could be offered for 15 euros, which would provide a result within four hours. Arrangements with Berlin PCR laboratories would still be necessary for this.

The PCR tests should be free of charge for visitors with full vaccination protection, the commission demanded. The negative PCR test result could then be used for other cultural activities, as well as bar and restaurant visits.

If the incidence of infection is low, the panel does not believe there is a need for mandatory PCR testing for all visitors:in. PCR testing would always be the admission requirement only for the unvaccinated. In the view of the Club Commission, the mask and distance requirement should be waived for both low and high incidences.

That dance events are allowed indoors again, the Commission welcomed in principle. "However, the ruling also poses the risk that with the expected increase in infection rates in the fall, the regulations will be tightened and thus the necessary planning ability for organizer:inside will continue to be lacking."

Photo by Long Truong


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