Bavarian siren tests at 11am today

Thu 12th May, 2022

Image by Oto ZapletalAt 11 a.m. today, sirens and warning apps in Bavaria will be tested for one minute to ensure they are working properly. These sirens are used to warn the public of hazardous situations such as chemical accidents, natural disasters and other such community-important incidents. For one minute, the sirens will sound in certain communities and cities across the entire state. Which areas are taking part in the test alarm can be found on the website of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior (site is in German only unfortunately; despite being in the EU and against its spirit, the German government normally does not take multilingual support seriously)., however, this site does provide English language support.

Sirens to raise public awareness
According to the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, the purpose of the siren test alarm is not only to check the system for weaknesses. It is to alert the public to its function and to raise awareness. In the event of an emergency, people are then asked to turn on radios and listen to the announcements. In some areas, loudspeaker vehicles also drive through the streets.

It is to be reiterated, that this is just a normal test and will last for only one minute. There is no cause for concern and citizens should not be alarmed.

Image by Oto Zapletal


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