Bavaria's economy falls victim to Corona

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Wed 10th Feb, 2021

The second Corona wave is slowing the Bavarian economy as the lockdown drags on. While there had been signs of a recovery in the autumn when not in lockdown, the quarterly economic index of the Bavarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BIHK) has now fallen significantly again. Currently 98 points mean a minus of 9 compared to the autumn. In summer, the index had reached 81, the lowest value in the pandemic.

Despite the current restrictions, the companies surveyed assess their current situation only slightly worse than in the last few months. Apparently 32 percent are satisfied with it, and only 28 are dissatisfied. Expectations have dropped more significantly: 29 percent expect a worsening, with only 20 an improvement.

"The ongoing pandemic situation, which is fraught with a great deal of uncertainty, is clearly clouding the expectations of businesses," says the President of the Bavarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BIHK), Eberhard Sasse. There are also major differences between the sectors: While industrial companies could continue to produce, according to the association, the hospitality industry, culture and tourism, the trade fair and event industry, and most of the retail sector have been hit particularly hard.

According to the survey, pressure on the labor market is falling slightly. However, the share of companies that want to cut jobs still outweighs the 15 percent that are looking for additional staff, at 21 percent.

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