Armed Man Robs Pensioner on Balcony

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Thu 12th Aug, 2010

Munich. An unidentified person held a pensioner in Untermenzing at gun point on the pensioner's balcony. The offender cut his way through the balcony with shears.

The unknown man entered the premises on Tuesday at around 11 PM. Using a ladder, lopping shears and a hammer he climbed onto a balcony. As the robber reached the balcony, he noticed the 71 year old house owner. He threatened the elderly man with a gun and demanded he open the balcony door, the pensioner refused and instead called loudly for help and let his wife call the police.

While police were searching for the armed robber, they were informed of a handbag mugging in Pasing. A 28 year old woman, who was on her way home from Pasing train staion, at Alte Allee, was attacked from behind. She defended herself against the robber and tried to push him away. When she noticed the thief's gun, she let go. The  gunman hit her in the face, so that she fell to the ground. After he escaped with the handbag, which had only a little money in it, a few documents and a mobile phone.

Police assume that due to the closeness of both crimes and the similarities of the descriptions of the robber, it is the same person responsible for both incidents.

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