Accelerate your goals for 2018

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Workshop Sunday March 4th 2018 from 9:30 to 17:30

Why it's important for your success to align your personal development and business goals?

You may have noticed that certain people appear to be motivated and engaged in achieving an aspirational purpose or personal goal. It's a very common observation that successful businesses have as a foundation not only a master plan and clear objectives, but also, they have behind curtains leaders with a higher purpose vision. These are people driven by something personal. They seem to align their efforts, their thinking, and their decision-making, working toward the accomplishment of one's own personal ambition.

Now the question is: Is it possible to develop this intrinsic motivation?
The answer is yes!

Imagine taking a journey deep down to your inner motivation and using that energy to reach the objectives you want. In this day-long session, you will work with images and movements to define and dissolve the barriers that may be holding you back from achieving your goals.

The methodologies

The Social Presensing Theater (SPT) is part of the social technologies developed by the Presencing Institute (Berlin) and MIT (Massachusetts). This methodology gets quickly to the core of the matter, helping you unlock energy and start taking action. The VisualSpeaks technique brings clarity and focus to your intention.

For more information about this workshop please visit Accelerate your intentions for 2018

The Facilitators

Betina Mazzarino, NCC, PCC
EU Leadership award winner and Accredited Certified Professional Coach by the International Coach Federation.
Owner of Limbica she builds her work on values and purpose as a backbone of all our decision-making processes. Leaning on her performing arts background, Betina uses embodiment methodologies as a way to explore emerging possibilities and design a future vision. More about Betina Mazzarino here.

Susanne Taylor
She is the owner of CFlow and partners with other consultants to leverage skills and knowledge. She'll bring visuals as one of the two cornerstones of the workshop. Working in a more aligned way with Self and core values is central to her workshop designs. The goal is always to line up intention and focus so that energy flows easily to the goals set by the client. More about Susanne Taylor here.

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