Chinese Automobile Industry Expands to Germany

Wed 26th Jul, 2023

The Chinese automobile industry is rapidly expanding and aims to become a global automotive leader. In recent years, China has achieved remarkable success in increasing its auto exports, reaching the third position in the world after Japan and Germany. While old industrialized nations see slow or stagnant growth in their vehicle exports, the demand for "Made in China" cars is growing rapidly.

Chinese automakers have made significant strides in Latin America and parts of the Middle East, where they are already market leaders. Europe is also witnessing an increase in Chinese cars on its roads. In the past, Chinese attempts to enter the European market were unsuccessful due to safety test failures and questionable vehicle quality, particularly in the era of combustion engines. However, the landscape changed with the rise of electric vehicles, where Chinese manufacturers are now considered technology leaders.

Chinese automakers have embraced electric vehicles and have excelled in areas like connectivity and autonomous driving. Experts believe that due to their early start in the electric vehicle market, some Chinese manufacturers are better positioned in these areas compared to their German counterparts.

To expand further internationally, Chinese automakers seek partnerships with established players. Companies like Geely have already acquired well-known brands like Volvo and have focused on electric vehicles. Brands such as BYD and Nio are also making slow progress in foreign markets, including Europe and Germany. Some industry experts predict that certain Chinese manufacturers could achieve up to a two percent market share in Germany within the next five years.

Despite the growth and ambitions of Chinese carmakers, it is recognized that it may take time for them to gain significant market share in mature markets like Germany. However, they are better positioned in regions like Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa.

German automakers remain confident in their ability to compete. They are actively developing and offering a wide range of electric models, with more than 90 models available in Germany alone, expected to reach 100 by the end of 2024. German manufacturers emphasize the quality of their products and the strong customer acceptance of their distribution methods. While Chinese brands currently hold a six percent market share in Germany, German manufacturers continue to be at the forefront of the electric vehicle market.

Overall, industry experts believe that the future of the automotive industry will largely come from China. Chinese automakers are gradually expanding their presence and are already strong in some Eastern European markets and the UK. Now, they are starting to focus on Germany and other mature markets as part of their expansion strategy.


Translated and rewritten from Merkur Online article

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