Storm warnings for Germany

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The catastrophic weather of the past few days is not only causing dramatic flooding in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, heavy rain will continue to keep Germany in its grip in some areas over the weekend. As the German Weather Service (DWD) reports, the situation in the flooded areas is easing with regard to the weather, but the storms are moving on. According to the DWD, Baden-Württemberg will remain in the area of influence of the low-pressure area "Bernd" until Saturday and, like Bavaria, will probably get a lot of rain. In the northeast of Germany, meanwhile, there may be squalls, the weather service does not rule out local storms with rainfall amounts around 25 liters per square meter in a short time. In the course of Saturday, the situation in the northeast should slowly calm down, but in the coming night, heavy rain in some places is still to be expected.

The south of Germany is dominated by gloomy weather forecasts. For Upper Swabia in Baden-Württemberg, the German Weather Service is still forecasting heavy rain in some areas for today, with 20 to 30 liters per square meter in less than six hours. A state of emergency has been declared for Lörrach, a district town in southwestern Baden-Württemberg, according to the latest reports from SWR radio. According to police, several (main) roads in the surrounding district had been closed, and in some cases places were no longer passable. In the further course of the day, thunderstorms with further heavy rain, hail and gale-force winds of up to 70 kilometers per hour are to be added. During the night, the situation will ease somewhat, in the mountains and in the southeast showers are still to be expected, otherwise it will remain dry. On Saturday, it will remain cloudy, individual showers and short thunderstorms in the afternoon cannot be ruled out, according to the DWD.

In Bavaria, the outlook is also very rainy. Especially near the Alps and in western Franconia, there will be isolated thunderstorms, the German Weather Service expects local heavy rain of about 25 liters per square meter in a short time, small hail and strong to gale-force gusts around 60 kilometers per hour. An increase cannot be ruled out, the reports here speak of heavy rain with up to 40 liters per square meter. Over the night until Saturday noon, the situation is supposed to relax somewhat - but it seems to be only a short airing of the storm. Because around noon, extreme continuous rain is supposed to start in some areas, which will last until Sunday evening, according to the DWD. The further east, the higher the expected rainfall. Meanwhile, the DWD warns therefore also for parts of Bavaria of a flood danger. The warning applies to several counties, in addition, the flood news service of Bavaria has warned that flooding and overflowing is to be expected in various rivers.

Overall, the wide band of severe weather stretches from the south and southwest to the northeast. This will also lead to showers and thunderstorms in the Erzgebirge and Lusatian Mountains on Saturday night. Meanwhile, high pressure "Dana" provides for the easing of the weather situation in the disaster areas, which nevertheless still has to struggle fiercely with the terrible effects. Over the British Isles it comes over the weekend more and more to Germany and provides according to DWD from the beginning of next week also in the south for summer temperatures of 25 to 28 degrees.

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