Most Christmas markets in Germany cancelled for 2020

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Until recently, Germany was still looking good in terms of running Christmas markets in 2020. Many cities, organisers and also voices from the world of politics were clearly in favor of a 2020 Christmas market season. But the current infection figures are causing a rethink. Germany is currently in lockdown yet again. Events have been cancelled and public life has been shut down as much as possible. This has also prompted most local authorities in Germany to cancel the Christmas markets as well.

Here is an up-to-date overview of which markets have already been canceled and which ones might take place after all.

Cancelled markets:

  • Berlin Charlottenburg

  • Christmas Magic Berlin

  • Bielefeld

  • Bremerhaven

  • Dortmund

  • Düsseldorf

  • Duisburg

  • Flensburg

  • Kiel

  • Leipzig

  • Lübeck

  • Munich

  • Nuremberg


Christmas markets that might take place:

  • Gera

  • Hannover

  • Hamburg (Winter garden instead of Santa Pauli)

  • Leverkusen


Note: Due to the constantly changing incidence of infection, this information is subject to change.

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