Emergency declared after fire in power plant

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Tue 9th Feb, 2021

Following a fire in a large Nuremberg power plant, the city has declared a disaster situation. The district heating supply is affected in the districts of Gebersdorf and Röthenbach. In these areas, there are 1150 connection points for district heating, the city announced. In addition to households, large companies, a clinic, schools, a shopping center and two old people's and nursing homes are also affected.

The city and energy supplier N-Ergie have set up crisis teams. Nuremberg is currently experiencing winter temperatures with sub-zero temperatures. The city is yet to release further information.

The cause of the fire in the large power plant of the operator Uniper in the early Monday evening was initially unclear. The fire had broken out on the first floor of the power plant unit and had risen to a height of 80 meters, according to the fire department.

Firefighters needed two hours to extinguish the flames, there were no injuries. The power plant was temporarily taken out of service, eliminating the heating supply.

N-Ergie urged its district heating customers to minimize their heating and hot water needs despite the low outside temperatures. Fitters from the company worked to set up an interim supply using mobile heat sources.

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