Discover Airlines Unveils New Brand Identity

Wed 6th Sep, 2023

Image copyright, Flughafen Muenchen GmbHThe young holiday carrier of the Lufthansa Group, formerly known as Eurowings Discover, has unveiled its new brand identity as "Discover Airlines." Alongside the name change, the airline has introduced a fresh visual identity. The inaugural Airbus A320 featuring the registration code D-AIUR in the new design touched down in Frankfurt this morning and will embark on its first journey to Palma de Mallorca on September 6th.

This rebranding effort underscores the airline's position as a premier quality leisure carrier within the Lufthansa Group in Germany. The Discover Airlines brand symbolizes the joy of travel, exploration, and rediscovery of beautiful destinations and experiences. The design draws inspiration from colors and elements reminiscent of vacation and wanderlust. Various shades of blue, known as "Skylines," mirror the colors of the sky, the horizon, and the water, while the sun and beach are highlighted in vibrant yellow accents. The color transition recalls the view from an airplane window, stretching towards the horizon or gazing out over the sea.

The blue color palette also signifies quality and the airline's affiliation with the Lufthansa Group. Discover Airlines is seamlessly integrated into the group's structures at its home hubs in Frankfurt and Munich, complementing the existing offerings in the growing segment of private travel.

"We have built our airline in record time, hiring around 2,000 employees, introducing 22 aircraft, and serving over 60 destinations worldwide. Our profitability after just two years is a testament to the incredible dedication of our team. With the same enthusiasm, we move forward. The startup phase is behind us, and we are focused on refining our profile and establishing a clear presence in the upscale holiday and private travel segment. This rebranding effort reflects that vision while emphasizing our connection to the Lufthansa Group," explained Bernd Bauer, CEO of the Frankfurt-based holiday carrier. "Discover Airlines stands for quality, joy, and ease, as people fly with us during the best time of the year."

A Recognizable Design

The lowercase "discover" wordmark with a period remains unchanged and is a consistent part of the brand identity. It will now be supplemented by "Airlines." The period serves as a recurring design element and can be prominently seen on the aircraft's tailfin.

Despite the distinctiveness of the new design, the affiliation with the Lufthansa Group is evident. The phrase "Member of Lufthansa Group" is displayed on both sides of the aircraft fuselage, and a straight white line, known as the "Leading Edge," visually extends from the tailfin to the lower fuselage.

Discover Airlines collaborated with the Hamburg-based agency Scholz & Friends for the evolution of their brand.

Rolling Out the New Design from ID Cards to Websites

The landing of the first Airbus A320 in the new livery on September 5th marks the beginning of the rollout of the new brand identity. On September 6th, all digital platforms of the airline, from the website to social media, will undergo updates. In the following days and weeks, signage at Frankfurt Airport and global stations, as well as various other items, will be replaced. Crew uniform accessories and cabin furnishings will align with the new brand identity starting in December. Disposable items will be used up for sustainability reasons before being reordered in the new design.

In the coming months, aircraft that are newly added to the fleet, received partial paintwork, or require regular refreshing will be repainted.

Fleet Growth and Diverse Flight Program in Munich

In the upcoming year, Discover Airlines' fleet will expand by five Airbus A320 and one Airbus A330, totaling 28 aircraft. Five short-haul aircraft will be stationed in Munich and will operate approximately 60 flights per week to 23 holiday destinations starting in the summer of 2024. Ten Airbus A320 and 13 Airbus A330 will serve 33 short- and medium-haul destinations, as well as 17 long-haul destinations from Frankfurt. Beginning in 2025, Discover Airlines also plans to resume long-haul flights from Munich.

Since its inception, the holiday carrier has welcomed over four million passengers on board. Through full integration into the Lufthansa Group network and codeshare partnerships with Air Canada and United Airlines, Discover Airlines offers travelers a wide selection, seamless bookings, and smooth connections.

Image copyright, Flughafen Muenchen GmbH


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