Top 10 Sledging Hills for Kids in Munich

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If you're looking for a sledging opportunity in Munich where you can easily take your kids without much fuss, here are some suggestions:

1. Olympiaberg in Olympic Park
The highest sledging hill in Munich also offers the best panoramic view and a large variety of sledging routes. You can chose from long and flat slopes for the little ones to steep high speed slopes for the more adventurous tobogganist. Additionally there is a snow tubing rack directly at the Olympic Lake.
How to get there: U3 to Olympia-Zentrum. Then follow the signs into the park.

2. Luitpoldpark
One of the most beautiful sledging hills in Munich, also offering the choice between fast and slow slopes. The terrain is not as spacious as in the Olympic Park, which is why the tobogganers can sometimes get in each other's way.
How to get there: U3 or U2 to Scheidplatz. The hill is only a few steps away to the north of the subway station.

3. Ostpark
A nice sledging hill with various possibilities from steep and speedy rides to slower ones along the edges and even a snow tubing track on the backside. Due to the north-south orientation, the snow melts quite quickly on sunny days though.
How to get there: U5 to Michaelibad, past the swimming pool directly into the park.

4. Westpark
This park offers a variety of several smaller sliding hills, the highlight being the high hill in the west of the park for longer and faster sledging fun.
How to get there: U6 to Westpark. The sledging hill is right next to the lake.

5. Pasinger Stadtpark
Well created and popular sledging hills that are extra fun when you're using a snow tube.
How to get there: S-Bahn to Pasing, then Bus line 56 or 57 to Planegger Strasse, short walk in the direction of Hugo-Fey-Weg.

6. Riemer Park
The 20m high hill offers both a nice sledging slope and a good view of the Alps when the weather conditions are perfect.
How to get there: U2 to Messestadt Ost.

7. Monopteros in English Garden
A relatively low but popular hill in the center of English Garden, which makes it easy to combine with a nice walk and a hot drink at the Seehaus.
How to get there: U3 or U6 to Universität, into the park via Geschwister-Scholl-Platz, across the river to the left.

8. Maximiliansanlagen
Not really sledging hills but the hillocks at the foot of the Maximilianeum and the Friedensengel offer some toboggan fun nevertheless.
How to get there: U5 to Max-Weber-Platz in the direction of the Bayerische Landtag building or Tram 19 to Maximilianeum.

9. Theresienwiese
A short but fast sledging slope down the Bavaria Hill.
How to get there: U4 or U5 to Theresienwiese, in the direction of the clearly visible Bavaria statue.

10. Aubinger Lohe
A bit further out but therefore less busy, the hill at Aubinger Lohe offers family sledging fun in a beautiful landscape.
How to get there: S3 to Lochhausen.

Photo: Wallberg sledging run, near Tegernsee (not included in the list above)

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