The International Motor Show (IAA) is coming to Munich

Thu 3rd Aug, 2023

Stands, stages, and test tracks will adorn Munich once again as the IAA MOBILITY car exhibition arrives for its second time in the city. The event is scheduled to take place from September 5th to 10th, both at the trade fair grounds and throughout the city center. The exhibition's program was unveiled yesterday.

According to Jürgen Mindel, the head of IAA, the main focus of the event lies in experiencing climate-friendly and forward-looking mobility. He emphasizes that the IAA has evolved beyond being solely about cars for quite some time. The exhibition aims to be interactive and inviting for attendees to experience firsthand.

The event is comprised of two main parts: Firstly, there will be a paid IAA Summit (September 5th to 8th) held at the trade fair grounds, primarily targeting industry professionals. This segment will feature over 500 speakers from various sectors spread across six halls.

In addition, the city center will transform into an exhibition area known as the Open Space.This free offering, running from September 5th to 10th, is designed to captivate a wide audience with interactive and entertaining elements, as explained by Mindel. Numerous stands will be set up in key locations throughout the city. Visitors will have access to more than 150 test vehicles, including models from Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, and Ford.

For test drives, six departure and arrival points will be established in the city center. Prominent exhibition areas within the historic district will include locations such as the Residenzhöfe, Wittelsbacherplatz, Max-Joseph-Platz, and notably, Odeonsplatz and Ludwigstraße, where the exhibition area extends to the corner of Schellingstraße.

Furthermore, there will be bicycle stands in the Hofgarten. A new addition this year is a bike testing route through the English Garden, allowing visitors from Hofgarten and Ludwigstraße to experience bicycles, e-bikes, and cargo bikes. These routes, marked with signs, will span several kilometers through the park and will remain accessible to the public throughout the event, as noted by Christine von Breitenbuch from the exhibition.

During the IAA, open-air concerts will take place on three evenings (September 5th, 7th, and 9th) at Königsplatz.

Please be aware that there will be traffic disruptions due to the event. From August 30th to September 14th, various traffic impacts are expected during the event and its setup and teardown. Certain sections of Ludwigstraße (from Odeonsplatz to Schellingstraße) will be closed, although exceptions will be made for residents and delivery traffic between 23:00 and 09:00. Restrictions will also apply at Königsplatz.

Criticism of the event's concept has been raised by members of the Maxvorstadt District Committee. According to Sigrid Eck, spokesperson for the Green Party faction in the committee, "In its current form, the IAA is a congress that hampers mobility." The traffic situation was already challenging without the IAA, and closures or diversions at Königsplatz and Ludwigstraße are causing significant disruptions for residents. Similar sentiments were echoed by the SPD, with Felix Lang stating, "In our opinion, a trade fair belongs at the trade fair grounds and not in the city center." The organizers have stated that they collaborated with relevant city departments to develop concepts aimed at minimizing disruptions as much as possible.

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