Kimbra's music Wows, Freiheiz Munich, 10th Sep 12

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If you haven't seen Kimbra, you just missed your chance for this year. It was on September 10th in Freiheiz where she performed her last show in Germany from the current tour Vows, but she seemed to have fallen for Munich so she has promised to come back.

Known to some as the Kiwi singer, the 22 year-old music wonder from New Zealand appeared to be a seasoned veteran, though her first (and only) album Vows was released in 2011. However, it wasn't until her brief appearance in Gotye's hit "Somebody I used to know" that she became world renowned. One could not miss her featuring in the video.
Kimbra came on stage right on time, very lively, playful, and passionate and from the very first minute it was clear she would be hard to follow. In her red romantic dress and black docs, she seemed extravagantly innocent yet a little wicked, and she connected with the audience completely by focusing on the depth of her lyrics.
Her music is hard to describe; it is a palette of jazz, rock, dub and R&B, which move in a swirl. Racing through sound and style, she is a real musical trip. You know when it begins, hardly notice when it ends. It is definitely indie, and she is well on her way to becoming a star, and could very well change the face of pop music in the process.
With quite simple stage art, she created an atmosphere between a cozy jazz bar and a movie with an unexpected end. And all that backed up by her impressive vocals.
She played the full set of her album Vows, with a special version of "Settle Down" in a quite jazzy rhythm. The album itself made it to Number 14 on Billboard, however it received mixed critical reviews, which were a little above average. Many critics thought it was too fantastic to pretentious to watery. But that is what makes it memorable and unique; it provoked thoughts, and allowed the audience a wide variety of interpretations. This reviewr believes it will also put Kimbra on the world's music map.
The set was clear and diverse: "Something in the way you are" (a nice mix between jazz and R&B), Nina

Simone's "Plain Gold Ring", followed by "Warrior" feat. Mark Foster (Foster the People) and DJ A-Track, "Good intent", "Limbo" and of course the much anticipated "Cameo Lover.
To the disappointment of some, she did not play "Somebody that I used to know", but her gig was definitely something worth seeing. And besides, she vowed to come back to Germany, and we may have yet another chance to catch this mega-hit from her mega-voice.

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