65 percent of the non-vaccinated do not want to be vaccinated

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According to a survey, almost nine out of ten non-vaccinated people in Germany do not plan to be vaccinated against Corona in the next eight weeks. According to the Forsa survey published online on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Health, 65 percent have no plans to do so. 23 percent say they would rather not. Only five percent definitely or rather plan to be vaccinated in the next two months. Seven percent are still undecided.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, 66.5 percent of the total population in Germany is currently fully vaccinated. 69.3 percent have received at least one vaccination dose. However, the RKI assumes that more people among adults are probably vaccinated than the reporting data suggest.According to the survey, 69 percent of those who have not been vaccinated fully or somewhat agree that Corona is a pretext for more government control. 80 percent consider the encroachment on fundamental rights to be more serious than the danger posed by the virus. 89 percent share the view that the media's coverage of Corona is one-sided.

When asked why they have not yet been vaccinated, 34 percent say they do not think the available vaccines have been sufficiently tested. This is followed by fear of side effects (18 percent), wanting to act at their own discretion and rejecting compulsory vaccination (16 percent), or doubting the safety of the vaccines (15 percent).

29 percent of the non-vaccinated state that their willingness to be vaccinated would decline even further if the unvaccinated were met with even stronger social rejection. For 27 percent, this would be true if, instead of the 3G rule, the 2G rule were introduced everywhere in the recreational area - i.e., access for the vaccinated and recovered, but not for the tested. Twenty-one percent would dislike vaccination even more if a 3G requirement were introduced in the workplace.Vaccination rates are particularly low in Saxony (56.5 percent fully vaccinated), Brandenburg (60.3 percent), and Thuringia (60.4 percent). The survey was conducted from Sept. 29 to Oct. 10, 2021, and a total of 3048 people aged 14 and older who have not yet received the Corona vaccination were interviewed.

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